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These are some of the programs I use in my business,
I will be adding more as I confirm that they work.

I found this by trying really expensive ways to promote and most just don’t cut it, these were economical and very effective.

The System I Use I’ve been using this system for a couple or years, it has everything I need

THIS SYSTEM DOES IT ALL.   Now Closing down:( another
Covid casualty!

I’m Looking for a new one! I will let you know
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Generates Leads       (Lead capture pages)
Presents Your Opportunity  (Presentation Page)
Automates Follow up             ( Email Auto-responder)
Organizes Contacts                (Customer Information Center)
Tracks Activity                          (Tracks Hits and Links clicked)
Boosts Sales & Growth         ( Duplicated system)
Builds a 2nd Income             (Affliliate Program)A
nd Even More!

(Major CON about the system the Emails usually go to Spam so I use Getresponse for better delivery.)If you join our team with Lifewave the system is plug and play with everything set up except your personal information and some minor editing. ( you need the password to load the system)

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free leads for life!

Endless Leads for Life

This is one of the best lead training sites I have found.  For a person on a budget and the desire to succeed the training is invaluable.  For a one-time fee of only $15 a person can get leads for life.

This takes the best of Tracy Biller and makes it better.

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How I Built this Site

I don’t have the skills to build a site like this by myself I had to take some step-by-step training with videos I could put on pause to make this.

This is the only STEP BY STEP training that goes into such depth even I could understand it.

I am also taking the other courses on how to market on the internet, make sure to check out The Home Business SURVIVAL GUIDE to see if this might work for you

Knocked your socks off

I use Gmail and Cloud HQ

With Cloud HQ I can send an email and text at the same time, or just an email or a text, most Email marketing system don’t get into the inbox but Gmail does.  I got a Google phone number for $10/mo to be able to send unlimited texts.

I use this system for my first emails once a person has opted into my lead capture page to give them instructions on how to whitelist me and or the company I am with.

I bought a Google phone number for $10/mo so I could use the unlimited texting from my computer.  I find this easier than using the keypad on my phone

We Offer Proxies

Our Social Media proxies are one of the best that you can find. They are fast, reliable and cheap. Your problems will be over once you start using our Social Media proxies. They are specifically designed to be used on social media platforms. We offer you the choice of multiple cities and multiple subnets.

If you need a proxy server use this one Click here

I’ve tried a lot of systems, some worked really well others, Well?

With the upgrades in Getresponse I didn’t need “Click Funnels” at $99/ month ora couple of the other programs I was using, everyone needs an auto-responderso I choose this one because of what it had.

The 30 day Free Trial help while I set everything up.  My wife can even use it for her business which is in the Eat Better, Get even Better Industry.  Check it out see if it will work for you.

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