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  • But before I share the details with you…

I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

This isn’t your typical internet marketing video.

I’m not riding in a Ferrari and flashing my money.

Instead, I’m just a regular guy standing here relaxing in my living room.

So who am I?

You’re smart to ask this question.

So let me explain.

I’m not one of those so-called experts who make money from telling people they can make money.

This is why you’ve never seen or heard of me before.

You see, for the past several years I’ve been behind the scenes.

When I first started during the 90s, the internet was like the wild wild west.

Back then, online marketing was brand new.

Facebook didn’t exist.

And MySpace was still a thing.

Google was barely introducing their new AdWords platform.

If you’re unaware, AdWords is what you use to place ads on Google.

Nowadays you always see advertisements when you search on Google.

But in the early days…

This was a groundbreaking change to the internet.

Because of the insider info I had from a source of mine at Google…

I was one of the FIRST to start advertising using Google AdWords!

Early adopters like me made fortunes.

Because it was common to gain 100-200x return for every dollar spent on advertising.

That’s an extra $100 to $200 for every $1 bill.

Insane right?

Like I said, people like me were making a killing.

You could scale your income, day after day.

You didn’t even need to be super smart to make money back then either.

I sure wasn’t!

All of this sounds great, I know, but the reality is it wasn’ perfect.

Because of all the money being made, out came the scammers.

These get-rich-quick wizards sold their lifestyle and promised the world…

Yet FAILED to deliver any value.

It sickens me to see these dishonest people.

Some of those guys are still around today.

You might have seen them before.

If you’ve been tricked by someone over-promising and under-delivering…

It’s NOT your fault.

These digital snake oil peddlers are masters at deception.

They’ll use every trick in the book to take your money.

But when it comes to actually helping you?

That’s when they screw you over.

And put you right back where you started.

Stuck, lost, and even more confused.

My goal today is to end this vicious cycle.

And make it my mission to help out the “little guys” from the bottom.

I decided enough is enough!

People shouldn’t be stripped of their hard-earned money…

Just because they’re eager to live a better life.

As you can imagine, this video will upset a lot of people.

But I don’t care.

I’m not doing this to boost my status or ego.

I couldn’t care less about becoming an “internet celebrity”.

This isn’t about me.

I’m making this video to help YOU!

Once I tell you my secret, it’s possible for you to FINALLY live the “laptop lifestyle” you’ve been reading about.

So what IS my secret?

And why is it so powerful?

More importantly, why am I the the ONLY person you can get it from?

I’m about to answer ALL these questions (and more).

Let me share with you…

Spend just 10 minutes searching how to make money online and you’ll run across the big names.

People like: Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, and Neil Patel.

It’s easy to get sucked into their lifestyle.

Their nice cars.

Private jets.

And even the women.

So this is great and all.

More power to them for marketing the lifestyle.

But what they rarely talk about is:

HOW they actually make money!

You see, if they shared this with you then *POOF* there goes their status.

So what aren’t they telling you?

Let me share exactly what successful millionaire marketers actually do behind the scenes.

How can you be sure I know what it is?

Because making money online is what I’ve been doing for over a decade.

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