Theme For Your Website

In this presentation, choosing the right theme for your website is important and I’m going to show you how


theme for your website
theme for your website

Choosing the right theme for your website is important.  If your visitors don’t feel comfortable and/or don’t feel as if your business is a professional and trusted one, it’s very likely they will NOT buy from you.  Let alone subscribe to your newsletter or e-zine and email list.

Therefore, choosing the right theme for your site is vital in establishing yourself and your business properly. Equally being important is being on the Internet this is equally important – so you can have a thriving, sustainable business..

You can think of choosing the right theme for your site being similar to choosing the right paint for a room in your home.

You want a specific feeling and mood to be transferred to people who visit that room.   Similarly, you want a specific feeling and mood transferred to your visitors when they visit your website.

Do you want them energized and inspired or relaxed and calm?

Answering this question will give you an idea of what colors you’ll want to have in your website design also.  As well as how “busy” or animated your website is in terms of graphics, images, videos, animation, etc.

What Elements do you need

This is another factor you must consider when choosing the theme for your website:

What elements do you want in your website?

Do you want it to have a blog incorporated right into the design?

You will need to incorporate a shopping cart into your site also if you have products for sale.

Will you have a forum on-site for all visitors so they can interact?

Will you have a forum on-site for paying customers, or will you have no forum?

You need to determine what elements your site will have, then find a theme that has all or most of those features already built in.

More elements through plugins.

An HTML theme may work depending on what elements your site will have.


If you are looking for an integrated blog, WordPress and/or Joomla would likely be better options to host your site.

No matter what site theme you choose, you need to make sure it is “responsive” to where it will appear properly, in addition to all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Choosing a non-responsive theme that doesn’t display properly on smartphones and tablets will likely lead potential customers to go elsewhere.  Remember, now most people are using their cell phones.

Most Internet users now access sites on their smartphones more often than on PCs or laptops.  So ensuring you have a responsive website theme is key to ensuring your business is being professionally displayed to Internet users at all times.

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