“We drink a lot of coffee…I use a K-cup coffee machine when not buying STARBUCKS. I used the AEGEA QUANTUM CARD today when filling my coffee machine with water, and proceeded to do a taste test with a few cups of “energized” coffee, Joe drinks his black and his reaction was WOW…it’s smooth. I added milk to the cup, no bitterness, a great cup of coffee. Thank you AEGEA!”

– Linda H.

“I found a raised spot on my skin. It was red, rough and an abnormal shape…I began treating it with the AEGEA QUANTUM CARD directly on the area every day in the shower with water and at night and in 30 days it has improved. I am in awe with how it has cleared it up. Thank you AEGEA!”

– Anna M.

“I have 2 Cockatoos…some have damaging behavior…most pluck their feathers. Josh, my rescue not only plucked his feathers but damaged his skin. I ran water in a spray bottle over the AEGEA QUANTUM CARD and sprayed the area for the last 3 days. Not only has he stopped plucking, but he seems less nervous. It worked so good, I tried my dog’s hot spot, he is not red any more. Thank you AEGEA!”  – Linda H