With mobile online internet marketing a person has to have a system that will walk the prospect through the whole buying experience.

If the company doesn't explain the products and companies features, benefits and compensation plan (if you're trying to recruit reps not just sell products) this means you have to build your own system or try to buy one and fit your company into it.

Not many companies supply the whole system.

Why Not?

The reason is simple, it's expensive and in most cases the company has no idea how to put one together because they have never been in the trenches.

like the follow up ei auto responder and all the emails, or the landing pages or video's explaining the products or something as simple as a video explaining the compensation plan.

Have you ever seen a person's video where they are their best to draw the circles on their video's and in most cases flubbing it.

More Kuddows to them for doing it, ( at least they are trying ) but should they have too?

Trust me not everyone will do this, and when you show a new person your video will they be willing to do the same thing?
( Really )
Do you think they would be willing to share it?/

These simple things can stop your duplication efforts even before they start.

Question would you stand in front of room or in front of a camera and explain your business for the whole world to see?

I found not everyone wants or has the time to learn the skills on how to do presentations and be able take people right up to the moment where they are taking out their credit cards and making the purchase.

In 99% of the time a person is secretly thinking, do I really want to do what it takes to build this business, can I quieten that gremlin in the back of my mind that is filling me with fear and making my heart pound.

Maybe I'll just sign up and buy some product just to shut my friend up, then quickly disappear and not talk to them until they realize this just isn't for me, that's what I will do.

Right now I could give you the link to a system that does everything for you (then you could try to copy it or join us, which would be a good idea, your company would probably never do it for you, again to expensive and time consuming) but that would be spamming you (like every second post you see on FB) so I'm not going to give you the link./

If you want to see this in action you will have to email, text or message me on Facebook (may take longer than email or text)

One last thought

"If you could do what you thought you couldn't do and you could live the life that you always wanted that you don't have now , in the time that you have left, would you do it?" by Kenneth R. Hatton

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